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by frank711 / on 27 March, 2023

The Check Engine Light came on – so now what?

While it is normal for a car’s check engine light to come on when the engine is first started, it will usually go off after a few seconds. If the light comes on at other times, it could mean something as small as a
by frank711 / on 17 March, 2023

Why Get a Routine Oil Change?

Routine Oil Change in Sunrise Changing the oil in your car is usually a quick and painless procedure when performed at a modern automotive service center. An automobile is a major investment, and the smart thing to do with any investment is to take
by frank711 / on 8 March, 2023

How long will Brake Pads and Rotors last?

It relies upon the sort of driver you are. Do you speed not too far off and ram on the brakes when approaching to a red light? Do you drive downhill a ton? Does your backseat pass as a stockpiling unit? Your solutions to
by frank711 / on 2 March, 2023

Is Your Engine Running Lean & How To Fix It

Your car’s engine is a complex machine. The cars engines air-to-fuel ratio is one of the components that needs to be precise every time in order to make the power to move your vehicle; if they aren’t, it means your cars engine could run
by frank711 / on 26 February, 2023

Best Oil and Oil Filter for your Car

What Type of Oil and Oil Filter Does My Car Use? Life has so many choices these days: paper or plastic? Tea or coffee? Italian or burgers? We have similar options when it comes to our car’s engine oil. Conventional or synthetic? High-quality oil
by frank711 / on 3 February, 2023

Engine Repair Everything You Need to Know

Engine Repair Services Car engines are an inconceivable number of engineering. We can suppose of it as the heart of our cars. While it beats, it gets us where we want to go, whenever we want to get there. And if it dies, consequently